Sohil Ami

What is your role?

I work as ANUM at Lakeside Living and also do job share for Acting NUM of Aged Care.

How long have you worked in aged care?

I have been working at Grampians Health Edenhope and Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital for more than five years.

Why do you love working in aged care? 

I think it is rewarding career with opportunity to develop bonds with the residents and their families. Working in aged care drives you to be more companionate and empathetic. It’s really heart-warming to be in somebody’s life and be able to help make a positive difference to their day. It is all about building relationships with the resident, their family and friends and really getting to know the “essence” of each resident.

What relationships have you formed at work (with team or residents)? 

I have made a good interpersonal relationship with my colleagues and residents. I have the ability to listen and understand others’ feelings (team and residents) and make a positive impact on them. I respect people’s values and beliefs.