Strong collaboration and close partnerships

As Grampians Health, we will deliver better healthcare, enhance services and advance careers, closer to home, now and into the future.

Grampians Health was established 1 November 2021

Grampians Health has brought together Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital, Stawell Regional Health, Wimmera Health Care Group and Ballarat Health Services to deliver safe, sustainable, healthcare tailored to changing workforce and community needs, for the long term.

This partnership follows years of strong collaboration and close partnerships between the four health services. Together, we will deliver better healthcare, enhance services and advance careers, closer to home, now and into the future.

Why a new health service

Our communities deserve safe, sustainable healthcare tailored to their changing workforce and community needs. There are urgent and pressing challenges that need to be addressed for the long term to ensure this is the case.

Consultation process

As part of the process to bring the four health services together, extensive consultation was undertaken with staff, stakeholders and their communities. Dialogue focused on the strategic environment of the health services, the opportunities and challenges faced, and potential options for healthcare in each region through expanded partnerships and closer ties.

Communication with local communities is ongoing, and we continue our dialogue with staff, key organisations and representative groups as we co-design solutions that best meet the need of our communities and workforce.

Six Months On report

Grampians Health has released its Six Months On report – a document outlining our progress towards better healthcare, wellbeing and economic outcomes since we all came together in November 2021.

The Six Months On report updates the community and staff about improvements in the quality, accessibility and sustainability of healthcare services for the Grampians region, after the creation of Grampians Health.

The report documents how Grampians Health is achieving the five benefits proposed by the amalgamation:

  1. Increasing local community access to services
  2. Building the strength and capacity of each health service
  3. Creating opportunities for the workforce
  4. Delivering a more effective health system
  5. Building community trust and engagement in local services

Each benefit has clear measures and outcomes for providing complete care as close as possible to people’s homes, which is aligned with the business case and benefits realisation plan that were established for the amalgamation.

Why we embarked on this process

Engagement outcomes. Communications and engagement reports from the consultation that was undertaken in early 2021

Grampians Partnership Business Case and Agreement