About us

At Grampians Health our purpose is to serve our communities at a deeper level – our commitment is such that we will become, and remain a part of their very fabric.

Whilst we come from diverse backgrounds and communities we are a unified team and our collective goal is to provide an integrated model of care that always puts people first, ensuring that they are receiving personalised, compassionate care.

We service a vast region and our objective is to provide complete care as close as possible to people’s homes. This means greater access, less waiting time and enhanced specialist services across the region. We will achieve this through a combination of a highly skilled and engaged workforce and by harnessing the very best technology available to us.

We are responsible not only for the physical and emotional health of our communities; but as one of the region’s largest employers we play an important role in contributing to the economic wellbeing of our towns and communities. This is a responsibility we don’t take lightly and we will continue to invest in jobs, technology and infrastructure to support the long-term viability of our communities.

We believe that regional and rural Victoria deserves equality in health outcomes, no matter where you live and we will work tirelessly to deliver a preeminent regional healthcare model servicing the entire Grampians region equitably.