Anitta Antony

What is your role?

I work as an ANUM in Lakeside Living and also do job share for Acting NUM of Aged Care.

How long have you worked in aged care?

I have been working in aged care for four years.

Why do you love working in aged care? 

I have always loved helping people. When I came to Australia the aged care facilities were new to me. Then I found out that working in Aged care makes a positive impact on someone’s life and helps them enjoy a better quality of life. Moreover, working in aged care means building strong relationships with people and their families.

What relationships have you formed at work (with team or residents)? 

I have made a good interpersonal relationship with my colleagues and residents. I have the ability to listen and understand others’ feelings (team and residents) and make a positive impact on them. I respect people’s different needs, values and beliefs. I enjoy catching up with my colleagues outside of work. I believe that I am able to build, support and strengthen the existing social, family and community network of person who is aged. 

What’s a memory you’d like to share from your time in aged care? 

I have been nursing quite a number of people during their end stage of life. This includes physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support for residents and their families. It is a great feeling and heart filling to help them out when they really need the help from you.