Anu Jacob

What is your role?

I’m an ANUM at Geoffrey Cutter Centre, and a Registered Nurse (RN).

How long have you worked in aged care?

I did my nursing training in India, and then I did my English language test and came over here and did a three month transition course. I started working at Stawell Hospital in 2013, and then at Stawell Aged Care in 2014. I’ve been at Geoffrey Cutter Centre since 2016.

Why do you love working in aged care? 

I love having the relationship with residents, we have lots of opportunities to get to know people and their lifestyle, and having relationship with their families.

What relationships have you formed at work (with team or residents)? 

Most of the time I have a good relationship with the families and our residents, we get a lot of positive feedback from them which makes us very proud and happy. Getting positive feedback from families when we’re helping a resident through end stage time makes us happy and feel as though we are helping them.

It’s really good teamwork here, they step up to help each other – particularly during COVID, and everyone is always happy to offer help. It’s a really great place to work.

What’s a memory you’d like to share from your time in aged care?

I’ve got a lot of memories, even from Stawell, we have a lot of residents who you have a fun relationship with. One of the residents used to call me Una instead of Anu which I always remember. We do have a lot of memories from the celebrations we do for Christmas and special days with residents and sometimes their families too. Before COVID we would have a music group come here, and we would have music and dance for the residents which is a really good memory too.