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Grampians Health unveils plans for Stawell’s new theatre to help boost surgical capacity and deliver optimum patient care

Our wonderful Stawell team welcome plans for our revised second operating theatre including from back from left to right Rani Justin (RN), Sue Campigli (Site Director/ Director of Nursing), Taylor Cameron (RN), Ruby Landwehr(RN – Graduate), Sally Hamilton (NUM), Sophie Taylor (RN) and Belinda Reading (Clinical Nurse Specialist). Front from left to right Roel Cabije (RN), Tumy Lu (Student) and Katrina Aquino (Student).

20 June 2024

Grampians Health Stawell has announced plans for a new $5.15 million operating theatre to significantly enhance surgical capacity in the region.

The revised plans for the new operating theatre are set to accommodate many more procedures each month, marking a pivotal advancement for healthcare in Stawell.

The planned second theatre will help position Grampians Health Stawell as a specialised healthcare provider in ophthalmology, endoscopy, gynaecology and general surgery.

CEO Dale Fraser said the updated plans for the new theatre reflected a strategic effort to meet growing patient demands and elevate healthcare standards across the board.

“In response to extensive consultations with healthcare professionals and staff, Grampians Health has refined the initial plans for the second theatre,” Mr Fraser said.

“The revised blueprint incorporates a comprehensive suite of enhancements including an endoscopy reprocessing room, sterile stock store room, staff write-up area, expanded recovery section, eye block anaesthesia space, improved staff amenities and cutting-edge medical equipment.

“This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic and efficient environment for patients to receive care and for our staff to work.”

Mr Fraser said Grampians Health was committed to enhancing healthcare accessibility for the Stawell community and helping to deliver care closer to home.

“Our ongoing engagement with key healthcare stakeholders has informed these strategic changes, designed to optimise surgical care delivery,” Mr Fraser said.

“While this may extend the timeline slightly, we are confident that the enhanced plans will result in a substantial increase in surgical capacity, ultimately benefiting our patients.”

Chief Redevelopment and Infrastructure Officer Veronica Furnier-Tosco said Grampians Health was committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

“These upgrades will allow Grampians Health to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety in our healthcare infrastructure,” Ms Furnier-Tosco said.

Chief Operating Officer Hospitals Ben Kelly said Grampians Health looked forward to delivering the new operating theatre and continuing to provide exceptional care to our community.

Mr Kelly said the second theatre was expected to be completed by March 2025.