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New health roadmap for the Grampians region revealed 

12 March 2024

In a significant stride toward better health, the Grampians Region Population Health Plan 2023-2029 has been unveiled by the Grampians Public Health Unit.

Dr Robert Grenfell, Chief Strategy and Regions Officer at Grampians Health said the goal of the plan is simple: “to ensure everyone in our community has the opportunity to lead a healthy life, supported by strong networks”.

The plan is the outcome of conversations with more than 200 community members, experts and organisations to understand local health needs. Much of the initial work is focused on enhancing and expanding local programs making communities healthier. Sharing resources and mobilising assets through collaboration with partner organisations is key to ensuring a unified regional effort to enhance overall health.

“By working together, we can make it easier for everyone to access the services they need, from promoting healthy lifestyles to addressing specific health concerns such as oral health and cardiac care,” Dr Grenfell said.

One exciting aspect of the plan is the ongoing effort to improve sexual and reproductive health across the Grampians region.

“We’re connecting with statewide agencies to make sexual health information and services more accessible to everyone, ensuring that individuals can easily find and utilise the resources they need, regardless of their postcode,” Dr Grenfell said.

Another positive development is the recent collaboration around the wellbeing of children.

“Different agencies and services that support children, such as healthcare, government and community organisations, are now working more closely together to make improvements to the system as a whole.”

Crucially, the plan underscores the significance of the Grampians Public Health Unit working alongside and amplifying the voices of various agencies and services.

“Health is a collective effort. We’re collaborating with different organisations and services to create a happier and healthier community,” Dr Grenfell said. “The plan outlines not only our current initiatives but it’s building a network so we can continue working together in the future to enhance health for everyone in the Grampians region.”

Victoria’s Local Public Health Units, in collaboration with the Department of Health, focus on enhancing community wellbeing through tailored initiatives that address local health needs.

The Grampians Public Health Unit welcomes organisations that would like to become involved in upcoming initiatives to contact them via their website.

Learn more about the Grampians Public Health Unit and read the Grampians Region Population Health Plan ‘Stronger and Healthier Together’ at