Kathryn Pomeroy


What is your role at Grampians Health?

Gender Equality and Diversity Project Officer

A message from Kathryn

I am working as the Gender Equality & Diversity Project Officer at Wimmera Health Care Group after ending up with a disability that left me in a wheelchair for over a year, this opened my eyes to want to make a difference being a gender diverse person.

I have a keen interest in moving forward into diversity and equality and have a strong work ethic. I started my journey with no government support to complete further education- I completed my Certificate III in Accounts Administration and then completed my Certificate IV in Business Administration with ongoing studies all remotely along the way.

Being involved in the LGBTIQA+ community, working with the indigenous and disability population, and seeing discrimination and family violence first hand, I could see a need for support in human rights issues including the law aspects, so I started working in this area and learning the law acts attending hearings, completing particulars of claims, and working as an advocate.

My skill set and experience covers working in the education area in government in finance and administration, I have also worked with other businesses with legal issues in the courts and with a mentoring program to help struggling small business with their finance, cash flow, recruitment, project management, and team management.

Why is IDAHOBIT Day important to you?

I want all people to think about a world where LGBTIQA+ people experience full equality and respect from everybody. It is well known that the LGBTIQA+ population’s experiences of stigma, discrimination and violence are too common place. As the world changes, I am remembering the people who have lost their lives while pushing for change.