Chief People Officer

BAppSc (AppChem), LLB GDipEd.

Those who know Claire will attest to her passion for – and dedication to – fostering an engaged and safe workplace, where communication is encouraged and the desire to learn is supported.

With more than 15 years of leadership experience in human resources, Claire has worked in both public and private healthcare, and has a particular interest in linking strategic organisational objectives with the necessary day-to-day work practices. She loves the challenge that comes with working in healthcare, and the wonderful diversity of the people she works with – she finds the growing of a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion as rewarding as it is necessary.

“Development of a large workforce (Grampians Health currently sits at more than 6000), requires a strategic long-term vision. There is no healthcare without the healthcare workforce. Individual personalities and skill sets are woven together to form an organisation, and how we foster relationships, enable education, and support change management determines how we move forward together.

“As a child I grew up visiting my Grandparents in Miram (near Kaniva) during the Christmas holidays. In recent visits, I’ve realised I’m quite sentimental about that time and that part of the world, and I feel very strongly about nurturing and growing the local workforce in the regions.

“As Grampians Health, we will collectively look at how we can work together, to grow and improve. That’s the unique thing about healthcare – people want to deliver the best possible outcomes at an individual, team and organisation level.

“The formation of Grampians Health is exciting, we have enormous opportunity and I look forward to continuing to build relationships with my colleagues across the Grampians region.”