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A gift of comfort and generosity: Wait family donates large bed to Grampians Health Edenhope 

15 January 2024

A heartfelt donation by the Wait family has brought immeasurable comfort to Edenhope hospital and its future patients. Avril Wait and her son Randall took it upon themselves to honour the memory of their beloved husband and father, Warren Wait, by gifting a specially designed, larger bed to the hospital.  

Warren Wait, a tall and kind-hearted man, had been a patient at Grampians Health Edenhope hospital and during his stay he realised the need for larger, more accommodating beds for patients of bigger stature.  

After Warren’s passing, Avril and Randall decided to carry on his legacy of kindness and approached the hospital with their wish to donate a larger bed to the facility, aiming to improve the comfort and care of future patients who might face the same challenges as Warren during his stay.  

The hospital staff, touched by the Wait family’s generosity, conducted extensive research and consultation to find the most suitable bed for their needs. After careful consideration, they found a state-of-the-art bed that could be adjusted for patients of varying sizes, ensuring optimal comfort and support.  

“We are deeply grateful to the Wait family for their incredible gift to the hospital,” said Tricia McInnes, Grampians Health Edenhope’s Acting Director of Nursing.  

“Their kindness and thoughtfulness will make a tremendous difference to the wellbeing of our patients. This larger bed will not only offer physical comfort but also emotional support for those who require it.”  

The special bed, now a part of the hospital’s facilities, stands as a testament to the Wait family’s enduring love and compassion for their community. The family hopes that their donation will serve as an inspiration for others to contribute in their own meaningful ways to the betterment of healthcare facilities.  

“The hospital staff took exceptional care of Warren during his time here, and we wanted to express our gratitude in a way that would make a lasting impact,” said Avril. “Our hope is that this bed will provide comfort and support to patients for many years to come, just as the hospital and its staff did for Warren.”  

“We are deeply moved by the Wait family’s kindness and generosity,” said Ms McInnes. “Their donation will undoubtedly enhance the patient experience and serve as a reminder of the impact one family can have on a community’s well-being.”  

The entire community of Edenhope joins in expressing their heartfelt gratitude to the Wait family for their remarkable gift, which will continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless patients for years to come.