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Amber embraces her new role at Grampians Health Edenhope

16 October 2023

Amber McClure is loving her new role as an Allied Health Assistant (AHA) at the Health & Wellbeing Hub in Edenhope. Her passion for community & healthcare along with her enthusiasm for making a positive impact make her a valuable addition to the team.

Amber defines the role of an AHA as “an important support to the healthcare team by handling appointments, coordinating health and welfare programs for the community, and managing the administrate aspects of patient care and lots more”.

She enjoys the dynamic nature of the role, stating, “Every day is different. The role is never boring and is forever adapting to meet the needs of the patients and community. The variation of work within an AHA’s role is endless.”

The day to day responsibilities of the role include tasks such as basic in-home care for Occupational Therapy, running mobility groups for elderly community members, liaising with clients regarding their personal aid equipment, and even completing Physio exercises with Lakeside Living residents. In her own words, “The tasks are limitless.”

Amber takes a collaborative approach with healthcare professionals, such as nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, and Speech Pathologists, to optimise patient care and reduce wait times for vital services. She believes that teamwork is key to enhancing the overall healthcare experience for the community.

To further her knowledge in the role, Amber is undertaking a Certificate IV Allied Health Assistant to deepen her understanding of her role. She believes that combining practical experience with academic knowledge will enhance her career prospects and better support her community.

Amber also recommends Allied Health as a career for those considering it. “Go for it if you are ever given the opportunity because it can open your eyes to so many different health professions and give you a true idea of what each practitioner does.”

Currently, Amber is focused on a community project involving the Trio Bike. This initiative aims to provide a fun and social way for Edenhope residents to enjoy the outdoors. The Trio Bike can be used for leisurely outings, such as grabbing coffee down the street, enhancing the quality of life for the community.

Since joining Grampians Health Edenhope, Amber has been warmly welcomed by the Hub and the wider Grampians Health team. She expressed her gratitude for being a part of the Grampians health community.