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Sky settles in Stawell

16 May 2023

Stawell community members needing CT scans and X-rays have the added comfort of knowing that a new ‘local’ will be looking after them.

An international search by Grampians Health’s People and Culture team led them to Korean-born Sky Yang, who moved to Stawell at the end of 2022 and has been recently joined by his wife Sunjoo.

In 2010, then 25-year-old Sky moved from his home in Seoul to Australia so he could study at Newcastle University. He graduated in 2012 and moved to Singapore to start his new career at a general base hospital.

After nine years working there, Sky gained a visa to work permanently in Australia and Grampians Health’s Stawell campus became his lifestyle choice.

Sky said he is very happy with his decision and that he and Sunjoo loved the environment and the peace that the Grampians town provided.

“I love bush walking and there are plenty of places here to do that,” Sky said. “I enjoy seeing the nature and love going to places like Halls Gap.

“I also want to learn tennis. I’m not very good at it but I know Australians are good at tennis, so I’d like to learn.”

Sky said he occasionally missed his family but Australia had left such a good impression on him and his wife.

“Everyone here is friendly and helpful and they make us feel comfortable to be here,” he said.

“Sunjoo was a hotel manager with Marriott in Singapore and she hopes to find a good job here as well.”

Allied Health team leader Kirby Egan said Sky’s appointment solved an ongoing issue of recruiting staff to the region.

“Our radiology department has been staffed by locums who have filled the gap in the last six months but we are absolutely thrilled to have Sky join us and join the Stawell community,” Kirby said.

“We are also very thankful with how the various Grampians Health departments worked to support us, particularly the People and Culture team who initiated the international recruitment program that unearthed Sky and helped with working through Visa applications and international processes which I had no idea about. It was really a team effort to get Sky here.”