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Embracing rural living at Edenhope

26 May 2023

Alvin and Aidan Velasco made a life-changing decision a few years ago to relocate with their family to Edenhope. Their journey reflects the immense opportunities and quality of life on offer to those considering a move to this inviting rural community.

Motivated by their aspirations for a brighter future, Alvin, a registered nurse was drawn to the town’s rural health service and the opportunity to contribute his expertise to the local community. Aiden, a compassionate health care worker, was captivated by Edenhope’s welcoming atmosphere and the promise of a nurturing environment for their family.

Upon settling in Edenhope, the Velascos were embraced by a warm and close-knit community. They quickly established meaningful connections and became actively involved in the community.
Reflecting on their experience, Alvin said, “I initially moved to Edenhope because of the Visa Sponsorship opportunity. For migrants like me, obtaining permanent residency is a priority.

However, what has made us stay for almost five years now is the positive work culture, the kindness of the locals and the town’s safe and peaceful environment.”

While adjusting to their new surroundings presented initial challenges, Alvin and Aidan quickly adapted. Alvin appreciated the benefits of working in a small rural community, such as avoiding long commutes and traffic congestion. He also found fulfillment in the genuine appreciation expressed by patients for the care he provided.

In addition to the welcoming community, the couple has been amazed by the myriad of opportunities Edenhope has offered. Alvin’s professional growth has been nurtured through collaboration and camaraderie at Grampians Health, while Aidan, along with two colleagues, embraced their entrepreneurial spirit by establishing a successful online accessories business named VMV & Co. Their venture not only showcases their creativity but also contributes to the town’s economic growth.

When asked to provide advice for other individuals or families contemplating a move to Edenhope, Alvin said, “If you want a quiet, simple, peaceful and less stressful life then small communities like Edenhope is the best place.”

As Alvin and Aidan look toward the future, their optimism and dedication remain unwavering. They envision owning their own home, providing their children with access to higher education and university, along with actively contributing to the town’s prosperity.