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Grampians Health commits to gender pay equity   

8 March 2023

Grampians Health has committed to reinforce gender pay equity across all levels of our workforce as we aim to build a diverse, equal and inclusive workplace.

Following the formation of Grampians Health in 2021, we formulated transparent processes on salary and contract negotiation and ensured that such procedures were looked at through a gender lens.

To further support this goal, we have put in place processes that match pay equity principles and managers across our workforce have been trained to be aware of negotiation procedures.

“Historically in healthcare, a gender pay gap has existed and it has generally skewed towards men. But, at Grampians Health, we are striving to bring in more pay equity and we have used the gender lens when recruiting and appointing staff,” said Claire Woods, Chief People Officer, Grampians Health.

“By viewing contract negotiations through a gender lens, we hope to support those, specially women, who have traditionally faced a disadvantage when it comes to receiving or negotiating fair pay.

“We will continue to take more supportive action to further achieve gender pay equity and provide equal opportunities for all at Grampians Health.”

In addition to employing fair pay practices, Grampians Health has also included gender diversity as a selection criterion when allocating secondment opportunities.

Grampians Health’s launch of its first Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP) further highlights our commitment to bridge gender pay gap.

Through this inaugural GEAP, we aim to foster a workplace that is equal and safe while addressing issues such as the gender pay gap and increasing development opportunities for staff across all levels and locations. The plan will also focus on developing best practice recruitment standards, provide more accessible sexual harassment reporting pathways and increased flexibility for employees to support a healthy work life balance.

“At Grampians Health, we believe that gender equality is a fundamental human right and we are strongly committed to honouring and upholding that right of our team members,” said Ms Woods.

“A more diverse and an inclusive workplace also has numerous benefits, including lower staff turnover, increased job satisfaction and improved performance. Having a balanced workforce will enable our team members to achieve their best.”

To read the full GEAP report, and learn more about Grampians Health’s efforts to build a diverse and inclusive workforce, visit Grampians Health Gender Equality Action Plan