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Grampians Health enhances emergency care support for campus colleagues

11 October 2022

Stawell campus manager Rhys Duncan, Ballarat ED Nurse Unit Manager Grant Berriman, Ballarat Director of Nursing Access and Operations Angie Spencer, Stawell Critical Care Educators Rebecca Bolzon and Katie Lovett, Stawell Urgent Care Nurse Unit Manager Amy Yole and Ballarat ED Deputy NUMs Kirsty McLean and Tamara Sproull.


Grampians Health’s Emergency Department (ED) team at Ballarat is living the values of its organisation by looking at how it can better support its ED and Urgent Care colleagues at Horsham and Stawell.

Team leaders visited both Horsham and Stawell campuses recently to observe how initial-response care is provided at these sites.

Ballarat ED nurse unit manager Grant Berriman said the visits were to provide the opportunity for conversations about how we can work more collaboratively.

“Now that we are working as one health service, we want to unpack what the obstacles are for these ED and urgent care teams, compared to what we deal with in Ballarat,” Mr Berriman said.

“Then we can work to support each other.”

Mr Berriman said staffing challenges were common across all campuses and Grampians Health will be working to ease them in the coming months.

“For example, Stawell is a much smaller urgent care facility compared to Ballarat’s so our focus will be on how can we best support each other in terms of staffing and how can we roll out our education programs to further help our staff grow,” he said.

Mr Berriman added that such goals are easier to achieve following the formation of Grampians Health.

“The major benefit is knowing we have each other for support and we can really collaborate closely and start building relationships.”

Mr Berriman added that the Grampians Health-initiated introduction of Stawell’s new urgent care model had been a great win for the Stawell community, with the hospital seeing a growth in presentation numbers. But that also places additional pressure on the staff, he said.

“We are seeing a growing demand for the service so our focus will be on how to support that as Grampians Health.”

Stawell-based critical care educator nurse for Grampians Health Rebecca Bolzon said the support from the Ballarat ED team was well appreciated by her colleagues.

“They have been genuinely interested in what we do and how we work here,” Ms Bolzon said.

“I think it’s amazing to have such a strong contingent come out to the other campuses and show such genuine interest. It makes you feel really supported.”

Mr Berriman said the issues at Horsham were also centred around staffing challenges.

“Being far separated from the major cities, there’s a lot of challenges that Horsham face in terms of staffing, trying to maintain a 24/7 roster and development programs for staff,” he said.

To ease those challenges, Grampians Health is looking to increase cooperation between campuses by sharing of rosters and staff in general, Mr Berriman added. “We’re very fortunate in Ballarat that we have robust education models and we can use those and support each other in terms of passing that information on to grow the staffing in Horsham.”