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Ballarat support for Stawell team a ‘life-saver’ 

3 August 2022

Nicole Davey, Antoinette Saxon and Bo Bergstrand in the Stawell Campus front garden.

Cohesion among team members and managers at the various Grampians Health campuses has already been at the fore since the joining of the four health services but for our Stawell team it has proved to be a ‘life-saver’.

Last April, illness had robbed the Stawell campus of its OHS representative and the campus manager for People and Culture Antoinette Saxon was at a loose end for a solution. A suggestion to contact Director Health Safety & Wellbeing at Ballarat, Chrissie Stone to see if she could offer any support solved Antoinette’s problems within a matter of days.

Ms Saxon said she was impressed how Grampians Health truly understood the value of collaboration and looked for ways to encourage it within their teams.

“The situation had put the Stawell campus under pressure in the OHS and Injury Management space but when I raised it with Grampians Health’s Chief People Officer Claire Woods, she suggested what proved to be the solution,” Ms Saxon said.

“This shows the true spirit of us coming together because teams can’t collaborate if they can’t communicate.

“At a time when the local health sector continues to operate under considerable pressure, it is heartening to see people like Bo Bergstrand from OHS and Nicole Davey from Injury Management step into the breach to assist Stawell in our time of need.

“They both hit the ground running and we have been moving forward in a unified collective way – all the better with well-supported flexibility that can truly open the door to our very talented workers,” she said.

Injury Management advisor Nicole Davey said her role at Stawell since starting around Easter had been providing knowledge and support to the various managers at the campus.

“I’ve been driving up to work two days a week in Stawell where I’m helping injured people return to work safely and as soon as they can,” Ms Davey said.

“It’s a very rewarding job and I like coming up to Stawell because the weather is warmer and everyone has been very welcoming.”

The capacity to plug into a skill set that was missing from one campus and collaborate to provide the necessary support is another example of the power of coming together as Grampians Health.