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Community consultations continue
on Grampians Health planning

18 May 2022

Grampians Health last week held community consultation sessions in Stawell, Horsham and Edenhope as an extension of previous consultations on the health service’s development.  

Grampians Health Chief Operating Officer Hospitals Ben Kelly said the sessions were designed to update community members on its strategic planning progress to date, and seek feedback on the direction of the clinical services plan.  

“The consultation sessions took community members through the journey of the strategic plan development and what we’ve heard in our conversations to date,” Mr Kelly said.   

“Discussions were also held on the scope of the clinical services plan and the preliminary analysis of data that has guided its formation. This covers Grampians Health as a whole, as well as campus-specific needs. 

“We welcomed the opportunity to have honest and robust conversations with community members and we thank those who attended for their willingness to participate. We will continue to have open discussions with community members as Grampians Health evolves. 

“Each health service that has come together to form Grampians Health has its own rich history which we recognise and respect. We look forward to building on these legacies as we focus on the future of Grampians Health and our commitment to providing a sustainable health service for the long term.  

“The strategic plan and clinical services plan will together provide the roadmap for Grampians Health going forward. They will reinforce the reasons why we came together in the first place – we want to build on existing strengths of each campus, to not only provide greater local access to services but also strengthen and increase services, and provide more opportunities for our people.  

“In doing so we aim to deliver better health, wellbeing and economic outcomes for the community and grow community trust, confidence and pride in our services.” 

Mr Kelly said the recently formed Community Reference Groups (CRGs), which provide an ongoing link between Grampians Health and local residents, was a key channel for Grampians Health to listen to community feedback and needs. 

“We want to continue to collaborate with communities to ensure the right services and care are delivered where they are needed,” Mr Kelly said.  

“The Community Reference Groups have been established as an ongoing source of community connection through local representatives who meet with us on a regular basis. This was a commitment we made at the formation of Grampians Health to ensure that regional voices continue to be heard and local communities remain an active part of our health service.” 

Stawell Community Reference Group Chair Amelia Kingston was one of the attendees at the consultation session at Stawell. 

“It’s important for the community to come together and share their ideas, concerns and feedback with Grampians Health, and to know that what we say will be taken on board,” Ms Kingston said.  

Ms Kingston also highlighted the valuable role of the CRGs: “Community Reference Groups have been put together to get viewpoints from across our community, and I’d encourage any interested community members to join their local group.” 

Positions are still available for the groups based at Edenhope, Horsham/Dimboola, Stawell and Ballarat. Further information can be obtained by emailing