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Local representation for Grampians Health Community Reference Groups

23 June 2022

Grampians Health has delivered on its commitment to establish Community Reference Groups (CRGs) to provide input into the provision and implementation of its services on an ongoing basis.

The CRGs represent the region of each of the four health services that merged to form Grampians Health. Chief Strategy and Regions Officer for Grampians Health, Dr Rob Grenfell, said each group had solid representation but there was room for more to be involved in this ‘public face’ of Grampians Health.

“We are thrilled to welcome our local representatives to the CRGs, who have volunteered their time and experience to help us make the best decisions for the Grampians Health community,” Dr Grenfell said.

“The CRGs have been established as an ongoing source of community connection through local representatives who meet with us on a regular basis. This was a commitment we made at the formation of Grampians Health to ensure that regional voices continue to be heard and local communities remain an active part of our health service,”

“The first members for Edenhope have been appointed and we are fortunate to have Annie Osborne to chair the Edenhope CRG,”

“Mrs Osborne served for many years on the former Edenhope & District Memorial Hospital Board, and has a strong awareness of our communities needs and pitfalls. She is heading a team of community representatives who will keep Grampians Health informed of community sentiment around local health issues.”

Mrs Osborne said it was important that the group had representation from across the Edenhope & District area, and that she was looking forward to the group being able to provide significant input into the new health service.

“As chair of the Edenhope CRG, my role is to report, represent and advocate for our local communities needs and priorities, and how they deliver improved services to meet these needs,” Mrs Osborne said.

“Having CRG groups in each community allows us to advocate on behalf of the community to enhance and maintain local access to care and services. Each member can engage with the community, speak to consumers and carers and ensure their concerns are being recognised, and present how they think and feel to the Executives,”

“By using effective communication and working together as a team, our aim is to retain high quality, safe and effective health care to our community.”

“The formation of Grampians Health has ensured a greater power to improve the health experience and outcomes for our community. The aim is to provide person-centered and evidence-based care of the highest and safest quality close to home.”

Already our community has benefited from:

The four established CRGs, representing Ballarat, Stawell, Edenhope, and Horsham/Dimboola, report into Grampians Health via a Community Advisory Committee. This committee is made up of two members from each of the CRGs, including the representative chairs, and four Grampians Health Board members.

The Edenhope CRG members are:

Profiles of these representatives can be found at

The CRG meets at least quarterly – there are still positions available on the committee. Anyone interested in joining can contact