Grampians Rural Health Alliance

Grampians Rural Health Alliance

The Grampians Rural Health Alliance (GRHA) supports improved regional health outcomes by providing technology, applications, and communications solutions to connect the region's health services.

Connect, Communicate, Care

GRHA benefits its members and customers in the Grampians region of Western Victoria  - helping them to connect regional health professionals supporting their rural and regional communities.

The Grampians Rural Health Alliance is achieving this vision through the following values:

  • being responsive to service system needs
  • patient and client needs driven
  • providing common solutions and reuse where appropriate
  • providing for flexibility in approaches
  • supporting the strategic goals of members
  • supporting diversity across the health and community services sectors
  • providing leadership advocacy in ICT
  • emphasis on collaboration and communication with stakeholders
  • information and resources available to all members on an equitable basis
  • transparency and accountability of governance and decision making to members
  • delivering cost effective services
  • promotion of innovative uses of ICT

What GRHA Provides

GRHA's mission is to connect regional health professionals by providing them with:

  • wide area networking
  • networking management and monitoring
  • common and consolidated applications delivery and development
  • internet and web services
  • IP based telephony and video
  • help desk services
  • implementation of Department of Health and government initiatives
  • joint and volume based procurement
  • strategic planning
  • research and development

GRHA Projects

GRHA, with the assistance of the Australian Commonwealth and State governments, have purpose developed a major communications network including internet access, data connectivity, shared application services, IP Telephony, and room, mobile-based and desktop video solutions. 

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The Alliance also undertakes various projects that support streamlined workflow and continuity of care across the region's multiple healthcare agencies and sites. 

The Outcomes

Through shared ideas, information and experiences, we broaden the regional knowledge base, help build partnerships and foster collaborative approaches to healtchare delivery.  Together, we are much better positioned to meet the future demands of health care provision.  The Alliance comprises 12 hospital-based health services, four bush nursing centres and stand-alone community health centres, all spread across over 40 sites. Additionally GRHA has many customers and partners spanning the aged care sector, medical sector, community service organisations, local government and the higher education sectorAll spread across over 40 sites. Additionally GRHA has many customers and partners spanning the aged care sector, medical sector, community service organisations, local government and the higher education sector.

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Over the next 5 years, through GRHA, health services in the region will:

  • have the technologies in place to deliver clinically appropriate health outcomes
  • be better able to address increasing consumer demand and expectation of service delivery
  • be able to respond quickly to emerging health trends driving shifts in models of service delivery
  • be positioned for health reform
  • be assisted to attract and retain the right skills in order to achieve each health services’ objectives
  • have equal to or better access to ICT than their metropolitan counterparts to enable equality of access to scarce healthcare resources
  • pursue integration of services through leverage of capabilities across the region and engaging in strong partnerships
  • leverage existing and emerging capabilities within GRHA and the regional health services to provide an integrated model of care

Already these organisations and the communities they servce are enjoying the rewards of connectivity - advanced communication and enhanced care.

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